The best dancing show in Moscow. Beautiful and incendiary show programs, extraordinary statements of dances and smart suits.

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In April, 2007 the public of one of the Moscow night clubs was subdued by unusual dancing show with theater and musical elements. Unusually colourful and bright suits, original style of a choreography and absolutely new giving of dance as show caused revolution in consciousness of the audience. Someone liked at once scandalous style of show, it seemed to someone defiant, but indifferent wasn't. The history of dancing group of Russian Production so began.

Time flies imperceptibly when completely you devote yourself to favourite business. The fourth birthday noted this collective, and behind shoulders already hundreds performances on the most different scenes of the country. Among them it is possible to allocate such as: An Eurovision 2009, annual festive performances on Vasilyevsky descent, the Crystal, Golden Palace, Space, Yar, in a network of restaurants of A.Novikov and other remarkable places. To us believed and invite to act the City hall of Moscow, "Gazprom", "Gazprom mezhregiongaz", a network of Geliopark hotels, a network of shopping and recreation center of "Rio" and a set of other large and known companies and administrations of the cities.

At the beginning of the way the Russian Production collective positioned itself as dancing show. However, after release of a number of show of projects and the performance "Mirazhizn", which prime minister took place on October 3, 2009, the decision on collective renaming from "Russian Production's" Dancing show in "Russian Production's" Dancing company was made.
The show "Mirazhizn" is the complete dancing performance connected by one idea on which statement the big team of adherents worked. Ten magnificent dancers having replaced more than hundred suits transfer the viewer from the present to fiction, from fiction in the present. Ninety minutes of show pass quickly. And only a rough, unceasing applause of the audience lets know that show was possible.

After performance presentation, it became clear that Russian Production the taken place creative collective to which tops from ordinary performances of the show ballet before large-scale shows are conquered.

Dance, Russian Disco
Dance, Punks Dance, Sea man
Dance, Spanish Dance, dancing

Authors of the project people perfectly familiar with a scene: ballet master-director Evgeny Nazmutdinov and director of the Production center Star events Alfat Saffi. Probably, it is one their key secrets of success of the magnificent Russian Production project.


Into structure of dancing collective enters 10 actors possessing vocational choreographic and actor's training. All dancers passed a serious casting at a set in show and each actor has choreographic education and experience in various shows ballets of Moscow and Russia.

Today the collective acts in various styles and the directions: from the disco to hip-hop, also offers the following formats of representations:





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