The best dancing show the ballet in Moscow. Beautiful dances, an original choreography and smart suits do collective show programs unique.

      Russian Production Dance company


Show like an art!

Russian Production – is a fabulous dancing show of the future with the rich past. Our history is a history of great success; the most talented dancers, ingenious statements, genuine emotions and an enthusiastic applause..

We don't suffer frameworks and we pull down stereotypes, we are free in creativity and are independent of a conjuncture. Our unique priority – high art of the dance, capable to cause strong sincere feelings to present to spectators bright instants and delightful sensation of easy flight.

Russian Production dances – the life lived on your eyes.

How words can describe a plasticity of the movements, how epithets can transfer noise of applause? And how many lines we need to devote to emotions of enthusiastic spectators? Don't waste time on reading! Watch variety program of dancing collective Russian Production, and without words you will understand:

Our idea is beauty, beauty of a body, beauty of a movement;
Our inspiration is love, love to art and creativity;
Our instrument is dance, dance as one of the most beautiful ways to show the feelings to subdue, fascinate, inspire.

We transform show into art.

Beauty as an idea, love as an inspiration, dance like an instrument.
Show like an art!


At any use of materials of a site, the hyperlink on RPSHOW.RU is obligatory. Copyright & copy; Dance company "RUSSIAN PRODUCTION" 2011

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